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Statement on the LPS Retirement

Loftware is announcing its plan to retire the Loftware Print Server (LPS) family of solutions with a formal end of support occurring on December 31, 2024. The first Enterprise Labeling solution of its kind, LPS was a standard of labeling for over 25 years. Starting in 2013, Loftware has introduced new flagship solutions that offer next level functionality, usability and architecture that represent exciting migration options for LPS customers. This document outlines important information and next steps for customers.

LetÔÇÖs start planning your migration today!

Contact your Loftware Account Executive or reach out to us at migrations@loftware.com to learn about the benefits youÔÇÖll gain by moving and the special incentives available to customers on active support.

Let's get started!

Products being retired

The following Loftware Print Server (LPS) Family solutions are to be formally retired per this statement:

  • Loftware Print Server (LPS)
  • Loftware Label Manager (LLM)
  • Loftware Web Access (LWA)
  • Loftware Cloud Web Services
  • Loftware Oracle Connector
  • Loftware SAP Connector
  • Loftware Universal Connector

Migrate to future-proof Loftware solutions

Over the past several years, Loftware has introduced migration programs for LPS customers to move to Loftware Spectrum Cloud, with significant customer adoption. With the Loftware-NiceLabel combination, LoftwareÔÇÖs migration program also includes Loftware NiceLabel Cloud as another option. Now, no matter the size of your company or the complexity of your labeling, Loftware has a solution for your business. All our cloud-based solutions offer modern architectures with next level functionality, scalability and usability. Loftware is committed to providing you with the right solution to drive your labeling now and into the future.

Let us support your path forward

Loftware understands that our LPS solutions are mission critical to your business. We look forward to engaging with you to help you chart a path to migrate to your next-generation Loftware solution.

Moving to our modern and future-proof labeling solutions, Spectrum or NiceLabel, ensures that you have the labeling capabilities you need today and tomorrow while continuing to receive the world-class quality, service and support you have come to rely on as a Loftware customer.

Key LPS retirement dates

  • February 2022: LPS Retirement Announcement
  • May 2022: Last LPS Functional Release including new functionality
  • Service Pack releases will be available as needed during the support period
  • December 31, 2024:┬áEnd of Support for LPS Product Family